Meditation in a Group

In Group Meditation, devotees come together in silent fellowship to reinforce each other’s efforts to commune with God.
Group meditation is effective when each person helps to create an atmosphere of peaceful stillness. The following guidelines list some positive actions you can take to help create a peaceful environment for group meditation.


Arrive a little early to become comfortable before the service begins. If you come in late, please wait until the opening prayer is completed; then enter quietly and be seated.

Correct Posture

  • Sit relaxed with spine straight, feet flat on the floor, shoulders back, chest out, with palms turned upward resting at the juncture of the thighs and abdomen. Be conscious of your body to relax any tense muscles.
  • Focus eyes gently upward. With eyes closed, focus the gaze gently at the Christ Consciousness Center (the point between the eyebrows).
  • Focus your thoughts on God. If you are not familiar with any techniques of meditation, silently call on God in the language of your heart, perhaps repeating a phrase from the opening prayer or chant.
  • If your mind wanders gently bring your thoughts back to your simple prayer.
  • Before Meditation
  • Turn off your mobile phone.
  • Wear clothes that are made of soft fabrics that don’t make noise.
  • Please don’t wear perfumes or strong scents.
  • If you are cold please ask for a shawl before meditation begins.

During Meditation

  • Do not leave the room during meditation. Leave only during chanting.
  • Practice only silent meditation techniques.

Please do your best to remain for the entire meditation. During long meditations you may leave at the beginning of chanting, keeping silent until you are outside. For all day meditations if you can only stay for half the meditation please join us for the morning session and leave at the break.

Further information

The techniques of meditation and “how to live” teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda may be learned through the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons, which are sent by mail for personal study from the Mother Center in Los Angeles. Applications for the lessons can be found in our bookroom, by calling the Mother Center at (323) 225-2471 or going to the Self Realization web site at: